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Website of the Week: Part 2

As the other week had passed, now its the time to announce what is the best site during this week based on my own experience. I hope you can enjoy it!


As I've stated before on my previous article (here and here), ShopWiki is an online shopping directory that has many clients and many kinds of item to buy with a great price. Not only that, they also have bunch of articles and tips that can be applied in everyday life.

So, if you are searching for road bike, cyclocross bike, derailleur for your bike, extra tire for your bike, or everything that can be bought, go to ShopWiki first to get a good offer or even a bargain.

Finally, ShopWiki is the only choice and the best online shopping directory on the web right now. Come to visit them at www.shopwiki.com now!

SimCity 3000: Never Been Outdated

Years before SimCity 4 launched, I've played SimCity 2000 since 1999 when I got my first PC based on Pentium II 400 MHz with Microsoft Windows 95 as the operating system. This game addicted me very much until I bought SimCity 3000 on early 2001 from a local store. A bit late because I bought it nearly two years after it was launched on 1999.

Like its predecessor - and successor - this game place us as a mayor of a city that needs to be built from an empty space into a big metropolitan city. It is not as easy as we think because our job as a mayor is somewhat hard. As a mayor, we need to manage almost all aspects of our city carefully. If you are successful, your city will grows tremendously and the resident will be prosperous. Otherwise, if you are unsuccessful managing your city, your city will be bankrupt.

I played this addictive game until SimCity 4 arrived on 2004. I still played it until now, but not as often as before, though, just to see my city which had grown into a metropolitan city with many skyscrapers! The graphic may look standard for this era - looks like Simutrans if you've ever played it. However, the fun side of this game is not only the quality of the graphic, but also the challenge on how to change a small village into a big city! Moreover, this game is hardware-friendly, meaning you don't need a powerful PC to play it.

If you want to buy this game online, you can try to search for the best price on ShopWiki (UK). There are many stores listed there and you are free to choose where to buy with a good price.

ShopWiki (UK) is also the best choice to find educational toys or educational software for children. They have many stores to choose with a good or even bargain price. Not only that, you can also find computer for kids, children books, and school supplies here. Also, as I have stated before, you will also get a bunch of excellent tips and guides from them related on what item you are searching for.

Oh yeah, if you need Back-to-School gadgets, just go to ShopWiki (UK) and you will get many best offers from their directory. Pay them a visit now!

Searching for a Good Mountain Bike?

Talking about mountain bike, it reminds me to my childhood days when I went out with my friends to a hills near my home by a mini-mountain bike. There, we had a fun with our bike, had a racing bike competition down the hill, played jumping bike, and many more. Ah, I always smile when remember it, when I was still a child 12 years ago.

Now, I have much bigger mountain bike compared to the old one. I purchased it two years ago from a local shop and still in good condition, even the tires is still in perfect shape because I only use it to go to school and sometime to go around town when I'm boring, hehehe... However, the front derailleur - the pedal gear - seems to be broken because when I'm trying to change the gear, it won't move at all. It happened after my bike crashed to a wall a week ago.

Yesterday, when I was searching to buy a new front derailleur online, I accidentally found ShopWiki. At my first sight, I thought this site is only a shopping directory, but I was wrong because they also have a guide on how to choose a perfect derailleur. They even give a tips on how to make a derailleurs last longer.

After exploring this site further more, I also found a mountain bikes buying guide that includes many types of mountain bike to choose, they even include a link to major bike manufacturers for more information. I was also quite shocked when I found cyclocross bikes buying guide because I hardly found it on the other shopping directory site. They also have a guide on how to buy a road bike that was written thoroughly and carefully.

This site is currently available on United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Ireland only. But, don't worry, if you're not a resident of those countries, you can still read their excellent guide or maybe recommend it to your friend from those countries to buy from ShopWiki.

Finally, if you're now searching for a good mountain bike - or anything possible to buy - with a bonus of bunch excellent guides, ShopWiki is the best and the only choice. Pay them a visit now!

All images are taken from ShopWiki.com.

Become a Math Expert With Guaranteach!

Whether you are a 5 year old boy who just know Math or a college student who stuck with Algebra homework, Guaranteach is the best site to visit to learn or solve your Math problem.

As featured on CNN and BusinessWeek, their online tutoring style is unique. They don't only give you how to solve a Math problem step-by-step, but they also have many experts who will check whether your answer to a problem is right or not.

If you need an online math help, then Guaranteach is the best choice because they have guaranteed result. You can join them for only $9.95 per month, it's an unbeatable price! You can even try it for free first before deciding to join or not.

Let's become a Math expert with Guaranteach!

Selamat Idul Fitri 1430 Hijriah!

Sebulan penuh rahmat sudah kita lewati, kini saatnya kita kembali menata hidup dalam keadaan fitrah. Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri 1430 Hijriah, minal aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin!

Gambar diambil dari http://ari2abdillah.wordpress.com.

Backup DVD Anda dengan AutoGK

AutoGK atau Auto Guardian Knot adalah software gratis yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk mem-backup koleksi DVD Anda ke format video populer, DivX dan Xvid.

Software ini mendukung banyak format sebagai input, yaitu DVD, VOB, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, DV, dan video streaming. Semua format tersebut dapat dikonversi ke format DivX maupun Xvid. Selain video, AutoGK juga ikut mengonversi trek audionya sembari menjaga kualitas suara yang dihasilkan. Software ini dapat mengonversi audio berformat AC3, DTS, PCM, dan MPA ke format AC3, DTS, MPA, CBR/VBR, atau MP3.

Dengan AutoGK, Anda dapat ikut mengonversi teks bantu (subtitle) yang tersedia atau menambahkannya sendiri. Beberapa fitur tambahan software ini antara lain dukungan terhadap HDTV, berbagai macam framerate, auto-crop, deteksi input otomatis, dan pengubah ukuran layar otomatis. Selain itu, Anda juga bisa membagi video menjadi beberapa bagian sehingga muat dalam satu keping CD.

Freeware ini bisa Anda unduh di sini.

Internet Pun Kalah Cepat dengan Merpati

Sebuah perusahaan teknologi informasi yang berbasis di Afrika Selatan, Unlimited IT, kemarin Rabu (9/9) membuktikan bahwa mengirim data menggunakan merpati jauh lebih cepat daripada menggunakan internet yang disediakan oleh perusahaan telekomunikasi milik negara, Telkom (namanya memang sama dengan nama perusahaan serupa di negara kita).

Kecepatan dan kualitas sambungan internet di Afrika Selatan memang buruk karena keterbatasan dan mahalnya bandwidth.

Kantor berita lokal, SAPA, melaporkan bahwa Winston, si merpati uji coba yang berusia 11 bulan itu, memerlukan waktu satu jam delapan menit untuk terbang dari kantor Unlimited IT di dekat Pietermaritzburg ke Durban yang jaraknya 80 km dengan membawa kartu data yang diikatkan di kakinya.

Termasuk proses download, transfer data memakan waktu dua jam, enam detik, 57 detik lewat internet yang disediakan oleh Telkom.

SAPA melaporkan bahwa Unlimited IT melakukan uji coba itu setelah frustasi dengan lambatnya kecepatan internet mereka. Perusahaan itu mempunyai setidaknya 11 call-center di Afrika Selatan dan mereka selalu mengirim data ke cabang-cabangnya secara reguler. Telkom tidak berkomentar sama sekali atas hasil uji coba ini.

Kecepatan internet di Afrika Selatan diperkirakan akan meningkat setelah kabel fiber optik sepanjang 17.000 km yang menghubungkan Afrika bagian timur dan selatan dengan jaringan global dioperasikan tahun depan menjelang penyelenggaraan Piala Dunia 2010 di Afrika Selatan.

Diterjemahkan secara bebas dari "Pigeon transfers data faster than South Africa's Telkom"; ditulis oleh Peroshni Govender, disunting oleh Jon Hemming.

Saya Kangen Ngeblog...

Rasanya lama sekali saya tidak menulis lagi di blog saya ini, sampai-sampai saya baru tahu kalau Google memberi blog saya PageRank 3 kemarin Jumat (11/9). Awalnya, saya gak percaya kalau Google sedemikian baik hati kepada blog saya yang tidak ada apa-apanya ini, barangkali saya salah ketik alamat. Eh, setelah dicek 5 kali, baru saya percaya dan menyunggingkan senyum. Sedang rezeki rupanya.

Nah, untuk mengobati kerinduan saya ngeblog, saya akan coba menulis ulasan tiga situs yang saya temukan di belantara internet. Tulisan ini murni pendapat saya, boleh diikuti, boleh juga dianggap angin lalu.


Anda punya iPhone atau berencana membelinya dalam waktu dekat? Jika ya, maka Anda bisa mendapatkan iPhone guide di situs ini. Selain iPhone guides, situs ini juga menyediakan iPhone tips dan iPhone howtos yang menarik untuk disimak. Jika suatu saat iPhone Anda rewel, tidak usah khawatir karena situs ini juga menyediakan iPhone troubleshooting.


Di OnlineFreeCinema, Anda dapat menonton film-film baru yang populer secara online tanpa dipungut biaya, kecuali tentunya biaya koneksi internet Anda. Tidak hanya film-film baru, OnlineFreeCinema ini juga menyimpan beberapa arsip film-film lama yang populer di masanya. Situs ini didesain dengan rapi sehingga memudahkan pengunjung untuk mencari film yang ingin ditontonnya atau sekedar menjelajahi menu-menunya. Jika Anda peminat film namun malas mengeluarkan uang untuk menonton film di bioskop, OnlineFreeCinema cocok bagi Anda.


Melihat dari alamatnya, tentu sepintas kita akan tahu bahwa pemiliknya orang India. Di blog ini, Anda dapat menemukan beberapa computer tips dan tech tips yang cukup bermanfaat walau kesannya blog ini digunakan untuk mencari referal saja. Blog yang usianya hampir setahun ini juga menerapkan desain yang minimalis sehingga waktu loading-nya lumayan cepat.

Singkatnya, blog ini memiliki beberapa great computer tips yang bisa Anda terapkan dalam kegiatan berkomputer sehari-hari.


Anda suka bermain game, terutama yang freeware? Jika ya (atau mungkin malah sudah keranjingan), Nordicnode.com adalah blog yang tepat bagi Anda karena mereka memiliki banyak ulasan tentang freeware games dan freeware applications. Desain yang diterapkan juga terbilang rapi dan mudah dijelajahi oleh pengunjung. Blog ini cocok dijadikan referensi bila Anda ingin bermain game atau aplikasi gratis yang berkualitas.


Siapa sih yang tidak ingin terhindar dari stress? Stress sangat mengganggu, bisa muncul kapan saja, dan menyerang berbagai lapisan usia. San Diego Therapist mencoba menawarkan solusi untuk masalah tersebut, entah untuk tindakan penyembuhan atau sekedar pencegahan. Cukup langganan e-course gratis mereka untuk mendapatkan lima solusi bagi stress Anda.

You know where to go with a doubt.

Instant PayPal Generator

Do you want to get easy money to your PayPal account? Do you want to earn unlimited instant commission for free? Do you want to see many $6 commission when you log in to your PayPal account everyday? Just join Instant PayPal Generator for free and get instant access on how to fill your PayPal account with unlimited $6 instant commission. This program is available worldwide, everyone can joins it without need any skill, even for free. Yes, for free! You don't need to pay anything to start making money online with this program. You will also earn $0.1 per click and $1 per referral you get. Imagine if there are 100 visitors click your ad and 50 of them become your referral, you will get $60 in a day! This is not a joke and it is absolutely free! Just go here, submit your e-mail, and they will send the download link will to the given e-mail. So, make sure that you type your primary e-mail to get it.

This is a unique program to earn unlimited money online using your PayPal account. You don't need to work hard, it is very easy like 1-2-3 and you will only work less than ten minutes a day! Again, this program is free to join, so you won't lost anything just to try.

What are you waiting for? Don't let away this precious chance!
Join now before it's too late!

Website of the Week

Beginning on this weekend, I will provide you an article of one or two websites that I think worth to visit based on my experience. I hope you can enjoy it!

Gold Coins Gain

Gold coins and silver coins were a vital part of commerce as far back as the early civilizations of Sumer and Egypt and it still has many advantages until now.

Gold Coins Gain is an online resource to purchase gold coin and purchase bullion. Thay call themself as an aurum advisors online. Not only you can purchase gold coins here, but you can even get a free gold guide to help you deciding whether it is the best time to purchase gold bullion or not.

They also have plenty informations about gold coins, so you don't need to worry to purchase gold here.

Pay them a visit now at: http://www.goldcoinsgain.com.

Do You Want to Gamble Online?

The online gambling industry has exploded since its beginning in 1996. This gambling business currently spans all over the globe and generates billions of dollars per year. With rapid evolution of technology and more players signing on daily, this market is certain to grow even larger in the near future.

If you are looking for an online gambling website, you must be remember to put an emphasis on the company's reliability and track record. While you can see progress on the industry, it has also been marred by scams and illegal practices. You can search for the company's track record via forums, newsgroups and reviews by interacting with the other players who share their experience.

Online Casino Spotlight is the largest online casino directory on the world, featuring complete reviews of the best online casinos, exclusive bonuses, casino games rules and strategies. They have the most up-to-date online gambling information to make your casino selection easier.

At their website, you can also find the most recent online gambling news and guides to online gambling, including slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, keno, bingo and roulette guide.

Betting Online

How many of you who like to bet on anything that can be gambled? I myself is not a better - I mean gambler - but I find that this topic is something good to talk about.

In my opinion, betting is a hobby and it's highly addictive - I bet you also have the same opinion with me. People who had done it once will do it again and again. It is hard to stop this kind of hobby. If they run out of money, they will stop doing it temporarily, but start again after getting some money.

Nowadays, it is easy to bet on anything online. Online sports betting is one of the most popular betting which is played by people from around the world. In sports betting, you just need a football match or a racing competition to begin a bet - which team or person will be the winner of that match or competition.

In a film titled "Two for the Money" (2005), starring Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey and Rene Russo, one dramatic scene showing how a hunch gone wrong on his bet that causes a loss of over $300,000 on bad advice. Betting can be fun in one side, but don't forget to consider its risks.

Do You Bet on Sports?

If you ask me the same question that I ask you on the title, I will answer "no". As I've said on my previous post, I am not a gambler, but I know a little about that. It is indeed a little knowledge, so please correct me if I'm wrong while talking about this topic.

Let's say that a guy was addicted to sports betting in one time of his life. He said that it was fun at first and at the middle, but it finally turned his life upside down. It is a classic story of gambling. I know that there are some people who get millions of dollar from betting alone, but it is rare and not everyone will have that luck everytime they need it.

Many people bet on sports nowadays because it is the easiest way to bet. Any match or competition will do to begin a bet, choosing which one will come out as the winner. Betting may be fun, but considering the risks is a must before you do that.

Plastic Surgery in California

Plastic surgery is common in North America nowadays. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery in Rodeo Drive - the world capital of fashion and style in California, USA - is the best choice for you. Their aim is to provide their customer - that's you - with a remarkable surgical care, for example if you want a mini tummy tuck. They will of course do that professionally and safely, at a reasonable price.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery has developed a specialized "center within a center" focusing solely on providing expert California liposuction. LipoPlus combines state of the art equipment, specialized staff training, and advanced technology to create the best possible liposuction results and customized recovery programs.

Their plastic surgeons also provide expert California breast augmentation with both saline and silicone breast implants. They also provide specialist breast implant revision, for people who have had previous breast augmentation surgery.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is located in Beverly Hills, California and serving the Los Angeles area of Southern California. Their approach and their work on plastic surgery has been featured in many leading medias, like The Los Angeles Times, Access Hollywood, and KTLA Morning News.

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