Searching for a Good Mountain Bike?

Talking about mountain bike, it reminds me to my childhood days when I went out with my friends to a hills near my home by a mini-mountain bike. There, we had a fun with our bike, had a racing bike competition down the hill, played jumping bike, and many more. Ah, I always smile when remember it, when I was still a child 12 years ago.

Now, I have much bigger mountain bike compared to the old one. I purchased it two years ago from a local shop and still in good condition, even the tires is still in perfect shape because I only use it to go to school and sometime to go around town when I'm boring, hehehe... However, the front derailleur - the pedal gear - seems to be broken because when I'm trying to change the gear, it won't move at all. It happened after my bike crashed to a wall a week ago.

Yesterday, when I was searching to buy a new front derailleur online, I accidentally found ShopWiki. At my first sight, I thought this site is only a shopping directory, but I was wrong because they also have a guide on how to choose a perfect derailleur. They even give a tips on how to make a derailleurs last longer.

After exploring this site further more, I also found a mountain bikes buying guide that includes many types of mountain bike to choose, they even include a link to major bike manufacturers for more information. I was also quite shocked when I found cyclocross bikes buying guide because I hardly found it on the other shopping directory site. They also have a guide on how to buy a road bike that was written thoroughly and carefully.

This site is currently available on United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Ireland only. But, don't worry, if you're not a resident of those countries, you can still read their excellent guide or maybe recommend it to your friend from those countries to buy from ShopWiki.

Finally, if you're now searching for a good mountain bike - or anything possible to buy - with a bonus of bunch excellent guides, ShopWiki is the best and the only choice. Pay them a visit now!

All images are taken from ShopWiki.com.

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