SimCity 3000: Never Been Outdated

Years before SimCity 4 launched, I've played SimCity 2000 since 1999 when I got my first PC based on Pentium II 400 MHz with Microsoft Windows 95 as the operating system. This game addicted me very much until I bought SimCity 3000 on early 2001 from a local store. A bit late because I bought it nearly two years after it was launched on 1999.

Like its predecessor - and successor - this game place us as a mayor of a city that needs to be built from an empty space into a big metropolitan city. It is not as easy as we think because our job as a mayor is somewhat hard. As a mayor, we need to manage almost all aspects of our city carefully. If you are successful, your city will grows tremendously and the resident will be prosperous. Otherwise, if you are unsuccessful managing your city, your city will be bankrupt.

I played this addictive game until SimCity 4 arrived on 2004. I still played it until now, but not as often as before, though, just to see my city which had grown into a metropolitan city with many skyscrapers! The graphic may look standard for this era - looks like Simutrans if you've ever played it. However, the fun side of this game is not only the quality of the graphic, but also the challenge on how to change a small village into a big city! Moreover, this game is hardware-friendly, meaning you don't need a powerful PC to play it.

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