Website of the Week: Part 5

This is the fifth part of Website of the Week. Enjoy!


If you're in India or will go to India soon and need to buy a netbook to accompany you, Netbook India might be the best site to visit. They have many reviews about netbooks and mini laptops that are being sold in India.


If you are a student who got stuck with your algebra homework, maybe this site is suitable for you. Algebra Cheat offers Algebrator, a good software to help you solve many of your algebra or math problems, from simplification of algebraic expressions to arithmetic and other pre-algebra topics. You can get this software for $39.99 (normally $58.99).


If you are a webmaster and searching for a site which offers free website templates, then ZeroTemplates.com is the best choice for you. They have many templates to choose, from Joomla to Wordpress themes. If you are searching for Drupal templates or themes, you can also find it here and it is ready to use immediately. They don't charge you any subscription or download fees, it's free!


TipsToBlog.com has many useful blogging tools to use. They also offer free tips to manage a successful blog. Not only that, they also give you tips and tricks to optimize your AdSense earnings, etc. Visit TipsToBlog.com now!

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