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14 Februari 2010
Talking about mailbox, you may be reminded to your e-mail account. No, currently I'm not talking about that mailbox, but this is the physical one that you can usually find standing in front of your home. Paper-based mail hasn't dead yet, especially if you're subscribing to a physical magazine or bulletin that stills need a postman assistance to deliver it to you. That is the main function of mailbox, so it's not only standing as a decoration in front of your home.

Having a mailbox will keep your letter and other post items safe from weather and thief, especially ones who want to steal your identity. Mailboxixchange has a large selection of mailboxes to choose, from residential mailboxes for home owner to commercial mailboxes for a company, all offered with a low prices and a helpful customer service that will assist you to choose the best mailbox that suits your need.

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