Satellite TV, What's That?

25 Agustus 2010
Satellite TV is neither rare nor expensive anymore nowadays. Satellite or direct to home television is a service that can be received directly by subscribers through a satellite dish as the receiver plus a decoder with a digital quality. Subscribers will enjoy a wide range of channels and services in the world, especially if there is no terrestrial or cable television providers in that area.

You will get these devices if you subscribe to a satellite television services:

With this device, the subscriber can receive and convert digital signals from satellites.

Smart Card
Smart card is a small device with a built-in chip to interpret the broadcast and subscriber control code.

Low Noise Block (LNB)
This device will convert downlink satellite signals into an intermediate frequencies before sending it via coaxial cables.

It is a reflector or receiver in the shape of a parabola or a satellite dish in a solid or mesh form.

Coaxial Cable
This cable connects the decoder and the LNB.

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