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How many of you who like to bet on anything that can be gambled? I myself is not a better - I mean gambler - but I find that this topic is something good to talk about.

In my opinion, betting is a hobby and it's highly addictive - I bet you also have the same opinion with me. People who had done it once will do it again and again. It is hard to stop this kind of hobby. If they run out of money, they will stop doing it temporarily, but start again after getting some money.

Nowadays, it is easy to bet on anything online. Online sports betting is one of the most popular betting which is played by people from around the world. In sports betting, you just need a football match or a racing competition to begin a bet - which team or person will be the winner of that match or competition.

In a film titled "Two for the Money" (2005), starring Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey and Rene Russo, one dramatic scene showing how a hunch gone wrong on his bet that causes a loss of over $300,000 on bad advice. Betting can be fun in one side, but don't forget to consider its risks.

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