Move Your Way With Unpakt

24 November 2012
What is Unpakt? Unpakt is an online service where you can book and manage your move all in one place and on your time. Unpakt offers one-stop shopping for review comparisons, service, moving estimates and inventory creation of the best movers in your area and put all of the information you need a single click away.

You just need to give your move date, your current location plus the destination and an inventory of the items to be moved to complete the booking process. The process is simple, but if you need more time to decide, you can save your information and come back later at any time.

With Unpakt you can compare moving companies in these locations: NYC, NJ, CT, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Seattle, Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, St. Paul/Minneapolis, Richmond and New Orleans.

Ready to book? Just select your mover and book!

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